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Default Re: Fat Chicks n' Mopeds

Back at It Again

I decided to finish cutting the front end away so that I can start working on extending the inner wells

Marked out where I wanted to cut on the other side so that they would match up.

Now that both sides are cut away I can start to make the new panels for the inner fender well.

Also went back to working on filling holes and removed the track that holds the trunk seal that needed to be replaced, I am still amazed on how many little holes there are to fill, this car is going to be totally smooth and very minimal when it ever gets finished.

Again more little things that needed to be fixed, the front of the hood needed some welding and filling.

A little look at the doors, they actually work better than the original stock doors, plus they look bad-ass.

Hopefully I will get some more work done this weekend it's hotter than hell down here and it keeps threatening to rain.
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