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Default Re: Fat Chicks n' Mopeds

Bottoms Up

Well, we finally finished putting the bottom of the drivers side door on and now it is official, the entire bottom of the body is new metal, no more chasing rust, at least on the bottom of the body.

We started by marking off the area on the door that we wanted to cut off.

As you can see the entire bottom was pitted and riddled with holes.

Next it was on to replacing metal, we started with the inner structure of the door frame.

Then we went to work on the door skin.

Test fitting it for the hundredth time to make sure that the body lines match up and the contour of the door was still intact.

Welding the seams, making sure not to oil can it when we welded the large area

Adding metal to cover the hinge area.

Trimming it to fit.

The door finally back on the car with a bottom.

That's all for this episode...
Until Next time...
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