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Soul Meets Body

We got some more work done on the bug this weekend in spite of the fact that we spent half the day running all over town (3 different stores and my brother-in-laws shop) tracking down a bit for the die grinder that we had the entire time (My Bad).

Did play around with the dimple dies to see if we like the test rocker panels that we did, now that we see how they look we can start making the modifications for the final panels there are a couple of things that I want to change for the final panel, but they will be Bad-Ass.

Well it was time to see if all the cutting and fabbing would actually line up and work, since we did replace both pans and heater channels and we are putting a 1962 body on a 1972 IRS pan. This was the first time that we actually bolted the body to the pan.

One of the things that we had to do was move the rear body mounts so that the body would be able to mount to the frame.

Then we had to modify the 1972 body mounts to fit the 1962 body, we also had to drill out the bracket for the new spot welds.

The new modified mount set in place, ready to be welded in.

Welding the new plates into place.

The plates welded in and ready to be ground down when we go to finish the body work when the body is off the frame.

Finally the body is actually bolted to the frame for the first time. Everything lined up perfectly and we didn't need the grinder after all.

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