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Default Re: Fat Chicks n' Mopeds

Flippin A Right

Since this was the first weekend that hasn't felt like we were working on the surface of the sun we decided to go balls out and flip the trailing arms in the back end to stand the tires up.

Like usual we started with a test piece to make sure that this was going to work before we started cutting up the trailing arms that were on the car.

First we had to remove the trailing arms that were on the car.

Since they had been on there for over 35 years they were a little stubborn.

With everything broken loose we could begin to remove the training arms.

You can see the test trailing arm (with the disk brakes) next to the one we just took off.

Holy shit, a shot of me actually working on the car, see I actually do work on this thing too, this is the evil metal genius getting back at me for always being on the other side of the camera.

Cutting off the shock tower so that we can test fit it on the car.

After it was all bolted up we put the tire back on and set it down to see if it made a difference.

It made a major difference, we were blown away on how much it straightened out the wheels that we decided to start cutting up the trailing arms that were on the car. So this is where the fun begins.

We began by trying to remove the nut that holds the axle together and let's just say that it did not want to come off, so we decided that no matter what, it was coming off, well after we bent and twisted several wrenches and broke a pile of tools we said fuck it and cut the fucking bolt off.

Go ahead fuck with me and I'll cut your ass...

OK, Sorry I had to vent, so back to work, we took both trailing arms and began to cut them up so that we could swap them from side to side.

Then we began to cut the shock towers off so that they could be flipped.

With all the towers cut off we can now begin to bolt the trailing arms back on the car.

And now for the moment of truth. Here is a shot before the flipping of the trailing arms. Notice the amount of camber that is in the back end of this car.

And now after flipping the trailing arms the tires stand straight up, now the ass end of this car doesn't look like shit.

A couple of more shots and a huge thanks to FONZY for his article in the tech bin on flipping the training arms.

I love the stance that this thing has now.

That's all for this installment...
Untill next time...
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