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Update time:

the 67 - nothing new

the 62 ragtop - still listed on thesamba, nothing new done to it

the 61 volksrod - I have a 59 pan that will find it's way under it. The pan is solid and rust free. i bolted up the 8" extension to it and mocked up an old beam. It has a couple minor clearance issues for the tie-rod and the pitman arm. The tie-rod side just needs to be hit with a grinder to remove about 1/4" when the suspension is fully unloaded.

I really haven't wanted to work on the chop top lately. I will get back on it soon.

the 64 - I have taken parts of the body down to bare metal and shot a quick coat of grey primer on them. It's off the rotisserie so I can put a new roof on it before replacing the heater channels.

I also started cleaning up the backing plates so I can get the chassis rolling again.
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