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Default Re: Fat Chicks n' Mopeds

Left of Center

So back to working on the Volksrod, since we decided to change the way we were going to do the front end we can now center mount the rack and pinion. First we cut the rack off the beam and re-positioned it to the center and tacked it in.

As usual we also decided to cut and make a test set of tie rods before we make the final tie rods for the car. After we cut the tie rods we had to tap them for the ends.

Then we had to cut the notch into the tie rod.

Now we are ready to put the ends back in and mount them to the car.

The tie rods are now mounted on the car and adjusted to the right position.

After that we cut the connecting shaft to connect to the steering shaft.

Here is a look from another angle. Center Mount Steering on a 10-1/2" Beam Extender.

Well after two years of listening to 40 year old hood springs screeching every time we opened the hood we decided to put on a set of billet hinges and hydraulic shocks for the hood.

They look pretty sweet and now we can open and close the hood without the hair on your neck standing on end.

We also spent some time playing with some sheet metal for the front end but we are still not happy with what we have done so until we are we will keep playing with look of the front end.

That's it for this episode...
Until next time...
My Volksrod Build (Fat Chicks n' Mopeds)

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