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Default Re: Fat Chicks n' Mopeds

Sit Down and Shut Up

Well after what seemed like a lifetime away from working on the car I finally decided to get back to work on it. Since the last episode the Evil Metal Genius sold his old house and bought a new house so we have been a little busy with other projects.

I finally made a decision on the seats but as usual I couldn't just order something out of a catalog. When I was out in California I stopped by ProCar by Scat and asked them to custom make some seats for me, they are exactly like their low-back series seats but I had them make the bottom cushion area 2" shorter so that they sit lower in the car since the roof is chopped.

Well I got home today to find two big boxes waiting for me.

I put the seats together and set them in the car to see what they look like.

Now I just need to build a custom mounting bracket and bolt them down.

Now that we have the seats we can really start working on the car since we needed the seats so we could finish the steering column and the front end.

Get ready for a full on assault, now that I can sit in it I want to drive it...
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