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How To Speak Australian - (Beam Brace)

So before we start to brace the front beam we had to make sure that we have the right amount of caster in the beam, because once we weld this bracing system together the front end can not be changed.

We start by setting the car up on the plates and getting everything zeroed in.

Then we set the caster / camber level and begin to make adjustments.

Now that we have the right amount of caster in the beam that we want we can now begin to brace the front end.

Before we start to go over the front end bracing lets keep in mind that the Evil Metal Genius is use to building frames for things that go over 200 mph so he tends to over engineer everything that he does when he builds cars. That being said we have built this front end so that the force of the beam is supported throughout the car and not the frame-head were you only have four bolts holding the beam extender and the front end together.

We started by making a new bracket system for the front beam.

Then we begin to cut the 1" square tube (1/8" wall) so that we can make the frame.

Setting up the rear brace that will be attached to the firewall.

Welding the plate to the upright.

Then we begin to weld the frame extenders to the new brackets.

Now we can begin to put the lattice work into the frame brace.

One side of the new beam extender brace is welded together so that we can bolt it back into the frame.

Here is the new upper beam bracket

Here is the new lower beam bracket.

Here is one side bolted back into the front end as you can see it is a little overkill but this front end is not going anywhere.

Here you can see how it is bolted to the firewall, the bottom is threaded so that we can run a bolt up to support the frame to the pan, after we finish the other side we will X-Brace it across the back wall and then also tie it off into the frame-head.

Now I need to finish the lattice work on the other side.
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