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You know, I just can't be left alone. I do bad things when I'm left alone.

Here's a pic of the bus when the PO got it:

So, I figured the bus would look better in original paint (except the nose obviously). Well, it turns out it has been painted a few, white, another white, some brown spots, primer, original pearl white. The bad part is that the og paint is gone in many areas. I've used about 6-7 cans of oven cleaner and a little bit of paint stripper. I've used a plastic bristled brush, a scotch-brite pad (brown one), a bondo spreader, a wide putty knife, rags, water, etc. of course, my pressure washer pull cord broke right when I needed it. Even the pop-top has 2-3 layers of paint on it.

One of my favorite PO "fixes" so far...bondo on top of 40 yr old rubber with silicone on top, then painted white. Nice.
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