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Default Re: Fat Chicks n' Mopeds

Bucking "A" Right

Back to work on the front-end. We decided that the only way to get the panels to look the way we wanted them to was to make a buck and to form the panels by hand. So since I am the "Wood Butcher" it was up to me to make the wood bucks for the panels.

Then it was time to cut the template out so that we could form the panel.

The panel was cut over-sized so that we could work on it and then trim it down.

Then the panel was placed in the buck to be formed.

Here is where the "Evil Metal Genius" lives up to his name. Hand forming the metal to the shape of the buck.

The panel is now formed with a nice lip around the edge to stiffen up the structure and to give a nice edge around the lip so that we can pick up the front end without cutting our fingers off.

Now it's time for a test fit.

Some minor tweaks with the shrinker to pull the front end in towards the nose.

Trimmed down and Cleco to the car to see how it looks.

Next we begin to work on the front brace that ties the front end to the frame of the car. As always we start with a cardboard template to get the look that we want.

This is going to be a trick little brace with a re-enforced inner structure to tie the body to the frame.

We are off to Pasco Bug Jam Next week and then we will be at the Daytona Turkey Rod Run for Thanksgiving to pick up more parts for the Volksrod so no updates for a while until we get back. But then look out...

Until next time...
My Volksrod Build (Fat Chicks n' Mopeds)

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