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A Thing of Beauty

So we started to work on tying the front end together and as usual we just couldn't just weld a straight bar across the front, NO we had to make some elaborate full frontal bracing system that would require us to make a muilti-part box frame and new bracketing system to tie it all together, but when it was done it does look "Trick-as-Shit".

So let's begin with what we did. After making cardboard templates the Evil Metal Genius went and bent up all the steel to make the bracing system that incorporates a lip for the inner panel that will cover the inside of the car.

After we test fitted the pieces together we had to cut off the original body mounting tabs on the beam so that we could make the new bracing system.

Then we had to make a custom bracket to tie into the new bracing system.

Now we did some test fitting to make sure everything lines up before we cut the sides down to follow the lines of the car.

After we made sure everything lined up we cut down the sides and started to weld the box together.

Here is what the new front end looks like with the body now solidly mounted to the frame the front end is even more stable than a stock VW and it looks trick as well.

Next we tie in the side panels in and then work on the inner panels to finish the front end up.
My Volksrod Build (Fat Chicks n' Mopeds)

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