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Default Re: Fat Chicks n' Mopeds

Closing the Gap

So day two of the front-end build is starting to shape up, we were able to finish tacking in the one side while making the filler pieces so that the panels all tie together again.

Then it was back to the buck to make the other side.

Again the Evil Metal Genius working his magic to form the new outer panels.

After trimming down the panels a hundred times to make them fit like a glove, it was time to weld the panels in place, starting with the filler piece to tie the two panels together.

All of the outside metal is now welded in place so now we can start to work on the inside. (Sorry, I Love the Welding Action Shots)

Again we can't just lay a piece of metal on the inside and say that we are done. So we decided to make another buck with compound curves to tie the new outer panels into the inner structure.

Then it was time to finesse the metal a little with the srinker/stretcher.

Here is the panel set inside the trunk, you can see how it forms to the outer panel with all of the compound curves, the pictures do not do it justice but the metal on the inside of the trunk flows, it is funny that we put this much work into something that will only be seen by us.

Now we need to break the sides and then work on the inner door system so that we can access the breaking system.

We are off to the Daytona Turkey Rod Run for parts and then we will be back at it again.

Until Next Time...
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