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Default Re: Fat Chicks n' Mopeds

How to waste a day of fabrication

So we jumped right into building the inner door for the trunk that we made, so we broke the panel so that it will be re-enforced all the way around and it came out great, so then we proceeded to layout the inner design for the panel.

Then we proceeded to put a double step bead all the way around the door and the logo just because we can't just put a Laser cut 1/8" steel KDF logo in the center of a panel - well maybe we should have just left well enough alone. It looks "kool as monkey snot" but it also warped the panel so bad that now we can't use it, so now we have to fab up another panel for the door.

So after that fiasco we decided that we needed to work on something that won't piss us off, so we grabbed a piece of metal, the can cutters and the dimple dies and made a new piece to replace the grill on the back of the car.

After laying it out on the car to see if we liked it, it was time to make a decision because once we make the first cut there is no turning back.

We marked out the grill so that we can cut it out.

Then we proceeded to cut the bars off.

Then we had a pile of VW tooth picks.

Then we made the final cuts before welding the piece in.

Then we tacked the piece into place.

A little grinding and lets have a look.

That's 10 lbs. of sexy right there.

Now we need to finish welding it in and grinding it down. It gives the back end a different look (like a battle bug) but I like the way it came out.

Until Next time...
My Volksrod Build (Fat Chicks n' Mopeds)

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