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Default Re: Fat Chicks n' Mopeds

Finishing off the Back Vents

The vent section has been welded in place and now needs to be ground down.

After everything was ground down I spray bombed some primer on it to have a look and save it from rust until we begin the mud work.

Here is a shot from the side so you can see the profile of the holes it gives the back end some character.

Did some other work on the car but nothing worth taking a picture of then it was time to clean up the shop a little and then pass out.

As far as the inner door panel goes, the main problem that we had was when we did a double bead roll on the metal remember the edges are sunken and the center is raised and the door is a quadrilateral piece of metal to begin with. The right way to do this is to stamp the piece but since I don't have access to a stamping machine we thought we would try it this way knowing that it was not the ideal way of doing this piece. Yes we could brace and re-enforce the back side and then do a shit load of body work to make the door look right but in the end this is an access door that is on the inside of a trunk. Also keep in mind that when the door was latch down in the front you couldn't tell that it was warped but since we are anal as hell (remember we cut the drivers side door in half to add an 1/8" of metal so that the door gap was perfect all the way around). Rest assure we will come up with something kool for an access door that no one will see.
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