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Default Re: Fat Chicks n' Mopeds

So... what's behind door number 2 Dick...

Now that we have decided not to double bead roll the inner door we cut up some more metal and made another door. Now we can start to make the latching system for the door, like always we can't just latch it like everyone else we have to be difficult, so we start out by marking out the door so that we can start cutting it up.

Then I began to make a bunch of precise cuts into the door. after all of that we insert the latches. OOOOOO these are too friggin' kool. The final door will be pin-striped around the KDF logo.

Then I installed some of the parts I ordered from CIP1. First was the front trunk latch and cable pull so I can open the trunk without fumbling around under the car for 20 minutes to pop the latch.

Then it was time to mount the front brake lines again since we cut the mounts off when we stretched the front end. We also changed out the hoses for steel braided lines, they look and work so much better than stock hoses.

Then we rolled the car out again to take a look before we turned it around in the garage to start to work on the back end.

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