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Default Re: Fat Chicks n' Mopeds

The Wood Butcher Strikes Again

Well, I finally made it back from my Washington - Oregon Trek and I was able to visit and B.S. with some fellow Volksroders while I was out there, again Thank You guys for letting me play in your Sand Box.

When I got home, my lovely wife already had my Honey-Do list waiting for me, so no working on the car for the past two weekends, instead it was time to re-build the Dock that we built 14 years ago after we moved into our house. The sun and weather down here is brutal on wood or anything else that is outside. Since everyone always come over my house to go fishing we thought it would be a good idea to rebuild the dock.

Like always I just can't do it the easy way.

Fortunately, everybody came buy at least one day or the other to help out, my Father-in-law was there all day both days both weekends and I can say without his help and everyone elses this would not have been done.

The Evil Metal Genius even came buy to help out with the framing of the dock. The frame is so strong you can park a truck on the dock.

My father came by and helped me make the Duck-board Benches that weigh about 100lbs. each. They are super sturdy and very comfortable to sit on.

My Brother stopped by and gave me a hand with the railing system. They are black aluminum balusters that are mounted to the railings on the stairs.

We even have electric run down to the dock.

Well the wife is happy so back to work on the Volksrod.
My Volksrod Build (Fat Chicks n' Mopeds)

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