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Default Re: Fat Chicks n' Mopeds

Deck Lid Bracket - Shin Cutter 2000

Finally finished the Honey-Do list and jumped right back into working on the Volksrod. It was time to tackle the one thing that we have been trying to figure out since we cut the rear end off - How do we make a latching system for the rear deck lid since there is nothing back there but engine.

So as usual we took out the cardboard and some markers and started to play with some ideas. Once we came up with the bracket that we wanted to make I grabbed some steel and began to cut. (I really need to get a Plasma Cutter at the house).

Like everything else that we do we just could not leave it alone so we stepped the bracket with holes. (Not bad for cutting it with a cut-off disc).

Then it was time to start to weld it up.

Then we added support struts to triangulate the bracket. The struts are mounted to tabs that are bolted to the header flange.

Then on to the other side. Here you can get a sneak peak at the top pulley to the custom made Serpentine Belt System that I will be using. We had to put that one on to make sure that the deck lid would clear.

With the support struts in place you can actually jump up and down on the support bracket and it does not move.

After we finish working on the W-Deck Lid we will make the rest of the bracket and latching system for it.

(For any purist out there, you may not want to watch what we do to the W-Lid....)

Until next time...
My Volksrod Build (Fat Chicks n' Mopeds)

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