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Let The Bodies Hit The Floor

We picked up a 1956 W-Lid at WinterJam 2 years ago that needed a little TLC and since we were going to butcher this thing we weren't too worried about it. The lid had a big dent in the corner and the lower edge of the lid was rusted away.

We were also able to pick up a pretty decent shape 1962 Lid at Pasco Bug Jam last year so now we have the metal to repair the W-Lid.

First thing we did was to drill out all of the spot welds so we can take out the inner panels on both lids since we were going to be cutting both lids to make one good lid.

Then it was time to work on the dent on the W-Lid. Once the inner panel was removed from the lid we can start to beat the living shit out of the W-Lid.

Here is a little video of the Evil Metal Genius make every Purist Twitch Uncontrollably.

After all of the beating it is as good as new again.

Now it is time to start cutting. First off I grab the 1962 Lid and cut the bottom off the lid so that we can start to fab up the W-Lid.

With the lower half on the W-Lid we can now start to mark off the areas that we want to replace on the W-Lid.

Now we start to cut the W-Lid to make the lower half repairs.

The W-Lid is starting to take shape again.

Welding in the filler pieces to the W-Lid.

Now the bottom is all filled back in.

After that we filled in all of the remaining holes on the lid.

Now with everything all filled in we can start to cut the W-Lid up and add our touches to it.

Until Next Time....
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