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Default Re: 1930 Roadster Volkster

A week later the top is finally finished.

Took a few hours to button up some engine stuff including a huge exhaust leak, mount the rear tail light pan and mount the turn signals for the last time. Also had to modify the air intake tube yet again as it was still touching the trunk lid.

Still need to install the plexi rear window and new seal but the plexi is cut and ready.

He also did a headliner in an arctic white suede that looks good.

The seat bottom will need to go back for a slight modification. With all the extra padding in the seat and the added headliner, I now sit too high up and within a half inch of the headliner. I already lowered the rear seat mounts about two inches but it's still to high.

Finally got the timing set so it starts and runs but I will need to do something about the carb. It's got a flat spot, stumbles and idles at two different speeds.

Last thing is tighten up the steering linkage, bleed the rear brakes one more time, permanently install the gas tank and take it for a drive. Only been three years in the making.

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