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Default Intro and looking for a new ride.

Greetings to everyone and wishing all a great New Year!

My name is Rich, and I've been into VW's for a while. I've also been poking around on for the last couple of years as I always believed that at some point I would take on the project of wrenching together a Volksrod. Up until now something else has always stepped in the way like, no funds, no time, or no room in the garage. Sound familiar?

Two of those three obstacles have recently become moot. So, a few weeks back I posted a WTB ad in TheSamba classifieds to see if anyone was wanting to sell their completed Volksrod. Don't slam me, but the search is for a completed car as my time to fresh build or finish someone else's project is still very limited.

I received a bunch of reply's and got offered everything except a completed, running and driving car.

Here's the hope: standard or rag looking, quality workmanship, glass windows, good brakes, good steering and able to run down the road safely at highway speed. Big power and freeway-flyer are a plus.

Please reply only to my email:

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