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Default Re: Long shifter (pic heavy)

Then, I took the stock shifter out (my 62 vert) so I could decide where to bend the shifter. I left the plate right where it was. I just stuck the shifter in place, not bolted in.

I marked the shifter with soapstone. Then, I heated it up with the torch (to make it bend easier) and stuck the end into some tubing and bent it until it looked right

Then, it was back to the car to see where the second bend needed to be...same as before; mark, heat, bend (opposite direction)

Then, I cut off the excess tubing, beveled the edge and cleaned up the inside with the step-drill

I stuck the other bolt half into the threaded end and then into the shifter. I repeated the clamp, weld, grind routine.

Voila!! a shifter

Then, I put the quick-shift kit on and bolted the shifter in place. This is where you make sure you can get all gears. This one wouldn't hit 1st or 3rd without hitting the windshield so I had to tweak the first bend a little.

Aluminum spacer in place (Do not buy the plastic kit)

mushroom in place. You may have to use the step-drill or dremel to take a little material out of the inside so it will slide around the bends.

cover on (no boot shown)

Make sure the roll-pin is in the slot in the shift rod (68+ cars will need this notch put in the shift rod cup...another how-to coming soon)

Check that it works, pull it out to tweak it if needed, paint it if desired, bolt it back in and top it with your favorite knob. Done!

Painted (along with another one I did a while back)

Total time was about 1 to 1-1/2 hours including pulling out my stock shifter and putting it back in when I was done. Paint time not included.
Total cost was:
late bug shifter - free (usually $5 or so at swap meets)
quick-shift kit - $6-7 last time I bought one (I buy 10 @ a time)
bolt - $.50 maybe
1/2"x48" tube - I think it was $6-7?? (been a while)

So, for $20 and a little time you can have your own! Have fun.
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