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Default Re: Fabshop104 Steering Extension Kit?

Originally Posted by V8Transporter View Post
Just curious, but what kind of beam are you getting? Sounds like you’ve got a pretty cool project going.
Nothing too crazy. It's a great driving '68 that I planned to put a 10" extension on. Has some pretty decent patina to give it a little character.

Ordered the extension and steering kit from Doug. As I was waiting for those I started tearing things down getting ready to cut sheetmetal and do what I could in the meantime. I pulled the stock beam off planning on cutting and putting adjusters on it, in addition to the 1.5" drop spindles that are already there, but I ran into a little more rust on the beam than what I was happy using so I just ordered a stock replacement from Doug as well. It will come with adjusters already installed. Probably starting off with doing 3" drop plates out back on the swing axles.

Has been a fun project so far for sure. Waiting on parts kinda sucks, but it's part of it I guess.
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