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Default Re: Effigy's history

Originally Posted by Number1tileguy View Post
I think you should call A-1 direct and let them know the problems you have been dealing with, let them know that is not helping you out with this issue (I know that has relocated to a bigger building in the last few weeks) I dealt with A-1 directly and have the same set up that you are trying to fit, I also ordered the stainless muffler so I could switch between the shorty or the muffler, my install fit like a glove.

If you need A-1's contact pm me and I'll be glad to share it.

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At this point the problem is solved, am I 100% happy with how everything went down? no, but there's no point in dragging it out and crying, i'm just gonna move on.

That makes sense about ACN, Normally Stephanie does all the e-mailing, and I think the longest I've waited for a reply from her during business hours is maybe 4 hours, so when I didn't hear back all week I knew something was up, and then when John replied to the second e-mail I figured there was something going on.

I've been going through ACN for more than 10 years, I'm not gonna let this hiccup spoil that, I still think they are one of the best suppliers and have (normally) exceptional customer service.

Originally Posted by SCOTTRODS View Post
Is there enough room in there to install a screw or tap? or will that kill the whole deal, destroying the valves? If you can get new valves it would be easier... Drill 'em, Tap 'em, Thread a bolt, heat 'em up, pull...
As far as I understand, the reason you have to remove the valves first if because the tap has to go down deep enough to cut the threads and the valves get in the way of that. But once they are tapped, you put he valves and spring back in to hold the valves all the way down, then put the plugs in. I was going to do this last time I rebuilt them, but couldn't get the valves out and was in a rush to get it running. If I had to i'll just use an extractor to get the valves out and buy replacements.

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