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Default Re: Frankie 2.0

Had a really productive weekend! Got some headlight mounts made.

Once those were done I have to put everything on the front so I could get a more complete look at it.

Loving how everything is looking! I also got my cowl side panels in.

Most importanatly, the engine is in!! Well mostly. I still need to make a tranny crossmember.

Now I can finish up the floors and get the firewall done!

These are the rims I got. Picked up a set of Center Lines. Wide in the back and narrower up front. My buddy also got me a set of 31's for the back. There are gonna look sweet!

Little bit of a difference from the stock tire size! hahaha I'm shooting to have this driving for a big show coming up June first. Got quite a bit to do, but I think I can do it.
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