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Default Re: Daily Drivers

I toom mine for a drive Friday afternoon, front brakes need something, I also need to rebuild a steering box, still need to do something about the starter as well

I did buy some parts last month, new pushrod tubes, and a wiring harness, I just need some more wire and crimp connecters

I'm gonna have my wife practice welding sheet metal and have her weld all the fender nut holes closed, I can't see good enough to weld, I wanna pull the body off but I don't know if I can get enough help to lift it, all my friends are broken

I also need to fix my wipers, I now remember why I never put new wiper blades on, they quit working about a year ago, I finally replaced them, when I turned them on my headlights went out, I turned the switch off and the lights came back on

Either way I need to finish everything by the end of May

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