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Default Re: 1930 Roadster Volkster

Still working on the rear end of the beast. After all the fitment, re-fitment, alignment, adjusting and cutting and welding, the trunk lid was a 1/4" out of square. That quarter inch caused a lot of havoc, but I have it now where the trunk lid opens and closes without interference. Now within approximate tollerance, I was able to get the upper deck panel tacked in place.

Yes, I cut a big 'ol hole in the top for fresh air louvers welded in.

Before I inserted the rear inner panels in the engine compartment, I spent a good deal of time measuring the gap between the rear tires and the inner fenderwells to make sure they were symetrical. To lock them in, I welded tabs to hold them firmly in place.

Eventually I'll move to t he front end of the car and finish off that metal work. Still have the internal panels and vert cross brace to work on next...

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