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Default Re: 1930 Roadster Volkster

Replaced the rear brake drum, both castle nuts and new cotter pins. With everything installed, dragged the pan back home to finish.

A lot of work has been done to date and one more significant update coming on the body.

For the pan stuff:

Installed tab mounts for the front Harley bullet turn signals.

Nothing fancy...

And mounted.

Also got the e-brake to work. Lengthened the tube at the rear to make up for the relocated e-brake handle and the extended trailing arms. In doing so, I was able to use my old e-brake cables.

Got the pans fully welded and seam sealed.
Got the shift tube shortened, adjusted, and new coupler.
Go the quick shifter installed and working through all the gears.
Also got the brakes done with new dual reservoir master, hard lines, soft lines and rear wheel cylinders. Oh..and working with great pedal. My 7-year old son helped me bleed them!
New clutch cable & bowden tube installed and cable shortened. Done. Works so far..
Gas pedal cable re-ran. Seems to operate without problem. Still needs shortened.

Little more finish welding, seam sealer and some new touch up paint and the front of the pan will be done.
Except the front end needs aligned and the camber set correctly. That will come once the body is reunited.

Have a but weld seam in the pan to finish grind and then it will be ready for the last coat of paint. Nothing fancy just protectant.
...And this update puts the pan to rest. It was a lot of work!! Yes, more time could have been spent on some minor detailing, maybe some powder coating, molding, cleaning, etc....whatever!

Should have a body update mid this week. Major advances made! Stay tuned.

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