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Default Re: 1930 Roadster Volkster

So a ridiculous amount of time was spent wire wheeling, sanding and banging on metal to get the body to this stage. The old Model A stuff had some pitting and decided to use Rust converter.

Applied three coats and waited two days per the directions..
Afterwards, came back and hit everything with a wire wheel, sanding disc and mineral spirits to get the metal ready for Self-Etching Primer.

Shot the etching primer and waited another two days. Many debate as to which comes first, filler then etching, etching then filler. I just wanted to get the bare metal somewhat protected while I start work on the body.

Next was more beating of metal and scuffing the etching primer to apply some of this:

I like to apply it across all my many welded seams.:

Let it set for a couple more days. Came through with 36 grit and knocked it down and scuffed more of the etching primer around the filler areas to get it ready for Featherlite filler.

Little more beating here and there and started skim coating the driver side of the car.

The front quarters have been intentionally neglected as I added some fender wells or "tubs" on the outside. Still have a couple of filler patches to weld in on the inside of the quarter panels where the gas tank will go. Welding and grinding near filler is bad so bodywork will happen after. The passenger side rear quarter and door still need a skim coat so plenty of work to do back there.

The rear trunk lid will be removed and the underside prepped. There is obvious metal work that needs to occur, plus I need to shave the trunk handle.

Getting closer....

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