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Default Re: 1930 Roadster Volkster

Remember when I mentioned the loose axle nut and the wheel flying off situation? What I thought was the "fix" only turned out to be half the damage.

This return trip home, I had one very hot brake drum. What I found was the outer wheel bearing was severely damaged which caused the drum to rub on the backing plate for 10 miles at a slow tow. Spent two days disassembling the rear stub axle, CVs and brakes to punch out the old outer bearing and replace. Fortunately, my goof did not damage the trailing arm! After the bearing was replaced, fully re-greased (very messy) and reassembled, no more wheel wobble or rubbing.

So here she is back at home, primed with a light guide coat. (pic is a little fuzzy, sorry).

At leisure, I can start addressing all of the fit & finish metal work and bodywork issues.

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