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Default Re: Motorcycle Thread

There is a lot of price variation on it. I took this one apart myself and took the parts to a local multimedia company. The design was pictures that my dad took off the back of a cruise ship. They loaded them in the computer and printed them.

My dad bought the bike new. And we did a custom paint job on it at 1 year old. He grew tired of that in a couple years and then chose to wrap it. He had helped the multimedia company get their building set up and they did the wrap job for free as a "thank-you" to him. At the time they said just wrapping the tins we brought in to them would run about 600-800.

Recently my old man decided his hips are getting too bad to ride and he was afraid he was going to drop it so he wanted me to sell it for him. I asked what he wanted for it, he told me, and I said "sold"! So I bought it to keep it in the family and sold my red bike since I don't need 2. So I now own it and keep it in his garage. So now, if he is feeling good and wants to go for a ride, he can still do so. (As long as I am not out on it.)
QUOTE(Steve @ Apr 1 2006, 06:05 PM)

That bike makes my scrotum cry...
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If one of my buddies pulled into my driveway and got out of that, I'd punch him right in the colon.

That thing looks like a blue clitoris.
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