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Default Re: Things that make you say.... WTF?

I was the biggest loady back in highschool. My grades were good, I had a high moral standard when I sold; I was just a good 'ol pot head. It only took about 6 months to go from that to a downward spiral. I still believe pot is a "harmless" drug if looked at with the same attitude as alcohol.

That being said, it is a "gateway drug". Maybe not like everyone in the media will have you think. It's more of a gateway to bad people and places. Let me channel my loady for you - You smoke a little here and there, then you think hell, I can sell a little and make some cash for some more bud man. Once that happens you get bigger amounts; fast forward and you're spending all afternoon loaded on the couch eating oreos and chocolate milk until little billy (or your supplier) comes over and says try this. Next thing you know you're stuck on a couch trying to figure out what the hell just happened and BOOM, You've been "dusted" - PCP. That snowballs (wow, no pun intended) into coke and that next fix. The next thing you can even kindof remember is coming down in someones basement, surrounded by tweakers, bag bitches, and that one guy you called your friend that got you into something a little harder. If you're lucky what's left of your brain says "who the fuck are you, where the hell are you and what the serious fuck are you doing". If you're real lucky you be a man, deal with the detox and drop it all cold turkey and never touch the shit again.

Everyone around me now wonders how I can be so adamant about being anti weed. They go on and on about how I used to be the go to loady. I just tell them I got lucky and grew up
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I found it in a shop in Raton New Mexico. I bought it for a quarter. Cracked me up it was called a Gay Camper. It must be old as hell. They would pull that shit off the shelf now days. Because some Homo would get offended.
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