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Default Re: Things that make you say.... WTF?

WARNING - This may be a long post WTF??

My thoughts about Marijuana (& my health problems):
I started smoking weed at around the age of 14, I wasn't doing it all the time, but at least once or twice a week (I never went to school under the influence of weed, however I did drink a 12 oz glass of beer every morning when I started the 7th grade, no it's nothing I like to brag about, I am not proud of it either, but it is relevant to this story), I gave it all up after I was diagnosed with diabetes in April of 1981 at age 15, for the 1st few months I took care of my diabetes as best I could, I wasn't about to let it control me & lose fingers, arms, legs or go blind, all my friends at the time did everything they could to avoid me as if diabetes was contagious, so I started to drink & smoke weed again & my friends didn't ignore me anymore, if I would have been smarter then I'd have found new friends, but just about everybody I knew kept their distance
Then after 2 years at age 17, I met a Beautiful gal (my wife now) I told her about my diabetes, she seen how I ignored my diabetes, within 2 weeks after meeting her she started telling me all the bad things about diabetes (she studied everything about the disease), told me that if I planned to be with her, I had better start taking care of myself, which I did, yeah I smoked weed occasionally & drank beer, but I still took good care of my diabetes, my wife (girl friend at the time) told me that diabetes has 2 outcomes, you can ignore it & die, or you can take care of myself & beat the disease, all was well

Then in my late 20's I started having pain issues in my back, hips, shoulders & basically every joint in my body, now remember, I had 2 back injuries, the 1st was in December 17 1983, I was on the school bus & the driver took off before I could find a seat, he hit the brakes for the last passengers & I flew from the middle of the bus & busted my tail bone on the dash board of the school bus, once everything settled, I had the shifter between my legs & realized what happened, lucky for me the shifter didn't go up my ass, I left school as soon as my teacher got to our class, he sent me home, my dad picked me up & took me straight to my doctor, he thought it was just a muscular problem & told me to take it easy as well as to take Tylenol
My 2nd back injury was in the Summer of 1985, I got crushed by a 350 lb wooden pallet that was 16 feet long, it was standing on end leaning against the building on the loading dock, the wind was blowing really bad that day & it blew the pallet/skid over & I just so happened to be 14 feet away from the building squatting down loading a shaft into the back of a truck, this was at the 1st machine shop I worked at, it knocked me unconscious for almost 5 minutes, I was seeing stars & tweeting birds, I left work & straight to a chiropractor I had started seeing because my back was always in pain, he did X-Rays & I had 3 vertebra completely jammed together along with 2 bulged discs, he did his thing for about 2-1/2 years, then another set of X-Rays showed that my 3 vertebra were just about back to normal, but I did have a herniated disc, after a while he was no longer helping me, the shooting pains started going down my legs, almost felt like I had been struck my lightning

Fast forward to 1996 I started having lots of back & hip pain, was referred to an orthopedic surgeon & I was diagnosed with arthritis as well as told I needed a double hip replacement, he sent me to an arthritis doctor who started me on arthritis meds, I felt much better & resumed back to 12 hour work days, after 3 years I started going into kidney failure, it was from the from arthritis medication as well as NSAID (AKA non-steroidal anti inflammatory drugs, aka Advil, Ibuprofen, they all cause kidney damage), now I was told about the possibility of kidney damage from the meds along with diabetes (double edged sword), it is also hard on the kidneys if not under good control, I had my diabetes under tight control (my wife made sure of that)

So now I get my kidney transplant, I wasn't able to take anything except narcotics for the pain, I didn't like the way they fogged up my mind, so I started smoking weed again, it helped me ignore the pain, I wasn't working si it didn't really matter, now it didn't take away all the pain, but it sure did make it so much easier to ignore the pain
Thenn after the kidney transplant & the meds I was on I lost total control of my diabetes, so I go on a transplant list for a pancreas, while on a transplant list they test for drugs every 30 days, so I gave it up again, then 6 months after my 2nd pancreas transplant, I started smoking weed again & still do to this day, all our meds come 1st, then all our bills get paid, & it there is enough money left, I'd buy a little weed, everything else came 1st, I never ever smoked it around my son's, hell I gave up ciggs because I didn't want them to see me smoke, once my oldest son graduated from high school, he caught me while I was in my garage smoking a joint

Now since I may be going back to work, I told the guy that owns & runs the shop that I used it & why (they require a drug test), he really didn't say anything about it, but he called my references & according to the once I talked to Saturday morning, it looks like I'm getting the job, I did promise the guy that I'd never come to work under the influence of weed, alcohol, or pain meds

Now as far as medical marijuana use goes, I see no problem with it, I say it's much safer than alcohol, when drinking, you sometimes think "yeah, I can drive" but if stopped you would fail a breathalyzer test, I think it sucks that THC stays in your system for up to 30 day, but you can wake up drunk after a night of drinking alcohol
I also agree that if it does become legal, whether it be medically, or recreational use (like Colorado), they should tax the hell out of it just like they do tobacco & alcohol, the 1st day of 2014 Colorado sold millions of dollars of it, all that tax money could pay off this counties deficit after a few years, at the moment the drug cartels are the ones killing people, it would really screw them up & hopefully put them out of the marijuana sales all together, then again, it could make things worse, ya never know until you try it
Then there was Bill Clinton who said he didn't inhale, he's a flippin liar, he also lied about that sex scandal, I blame that on why kids are having sex at such a young age, most kids back then were led to believe that "oral sex" isn't really sex, he totally fucked up an entire generation of kids, plus I'd rather have a person admit to using marijuana & saying it's not good for you, especially young school aged kids, if caught contributing marijuana to a minor, it should be an automatic 10 years in jail, no if's about it

Then there is the debate that marijuana is more dangerous than cocaine, that's BULL SHIT, it's less dangerous than alcohol, as an example, put 100 people in a room with all the alcohol they can drink, then put another 100 people in a room with all the weed thy can smoke, after a few hours I can almost guarantee the alcohol room will end up with several fist fights, the only argument in the marijuana room would be who is gonna go get some food, but hey, there is an easy fix for that problem, they can call a pizza place & have it delivered, problem solved with no fights except for pizza toppings, but that's when you order several pizzas with different kinds of toppings

Now I know not everyone will agree with my reasoning, but everyone is entitled to their own opinion, yes it has it's bad points, but that's the same with life
I'm pro medical marijuana usage, yes, it's not for everyone, but the same goes for alcohol, not everybody can handle they alcohol, but nobody has ever over dosed from smoking to much marijuana unless they used some other drugs along with it

IF you have never used marijuana, then you can't say whether it's dangerous or not, the only people that it is dangerous for, are growing kids in school, once out of high school, it's no different than alcohol
Almost just like all the people who don't like AC VW's, it's because they have never driven one, they think they are to GOOD to drive one & they aren't worth the metal used to make it, After driving Chevy's, Ford's, Oldsmobile's, Cadillac's, Jeep's or any other non VW car, then you have no idea

The GOV have never confirmed whether it is dangerous of not, they stopped testing it long ago, I believe it's because they found the only dangerous part of using marijuana is the fact that if smoked, it is a carcinogen, so vaporize it, or make butter with the THC in it, ingestion is the best way to use marijuana with no ill side effects

Again, just so everyone knows, alcohol, marijuana, & prescription medications effect each & every person differently, for 6 years I had to take 6 different hi blood pressure meds to keep my blood pressure under control, they came out with a new blood pressure med that works for me with only 1 pill a day, it finally went generic as of Jan 2014

Marijuana also give one an appetite, last March & April I went without using weed at all, I lost 35 pounds over a 10 day period of time, that's because 8 of my 11 prescriptions cause loss of appetite, after I started using it again, I gained 25 of those pounds back, I can't afford to lose 5 lbs let alone 35, my normal weight was 185 lbs, I had between 4 & 5% body fat, all the weight I lost was muscle, hell my favorite leather coat hangs over my shoulders like it's 5 sizes to big, it fit me perfect when my wife bought it for me 22 years ago, now it swallows me up when I have it on, I always wear a thick coat under it so it fits me

Sorry for my long winded post, but I just wanted to express my thoughts on the marijuana subject after reading everyone else's
Yes I disagree with some, but hey, if everybody had the same color hair, eyes & drove the exact same car that was the same exact color, all flowers were only red with a green stem, it would be a very boring world to live in, same goes for people, it would be confusing as hell if all our faces looked exactly alike

"Can't" is a word that means your to lazy to even try.

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