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Default Re: Things that make you say.... WTF?

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I guess he's a mini me.

Now that confirms a number of suspicions.

On a novel note. A Snowman's Chance (my Vietnam novel) runs 436 pages and 84,000 words or so, shortened from 126,000 word after working with an agent and editor. The editor was great, (a former editor-in-chief with Putnam)...the agent didn't work out so well.
Gabriel's Trumpet (a beautiful ex-Air Force fighter pilot pulls her motorcycle side car rig over along a desolate stretch of Nevada highway to pick up a wayward golden retriever and his late master.) also edited, is 234 ages and 72,000 words. I'm roughly 35k words into each sequel and still looking for a new agent.
We've got one for art, maybe we should have a 'Novel' thread?
I'm down for it. Honestly I'm just curious to hear about the tasks of publishing and other bullcrap. Also considering the fact my story is steampunk.. and went a totally opposite direction of the classic "OI WER IN LUNDIN WITH ZEPPEL'NS N' CHIMNEY SWEEPS!" I honestly don't know if my crap is publishable. Granted I should worry about finishing the damn story first
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So JiI is an older DrHax? are sooo fucked!
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