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Default Re: V8Transporter's V8 Single Cab

The shift box took me a while to figure out. At the front and back of the ‘box’ are bronze bushings originally for the Ford transmission input shaft at the back of the crank shaft. Cheap and easy to fit to the home built box. The shaft moving through the bronze bushings is stainless rod with the lower part of the original Ford truck shifter welded to a steel donut which bolts to the rod inside the box. The rubber sort of ‘caps’ at each end of the box keep the gear oil from escaping. At the rear is the mount for the second of the two u-joints. The length of the mount determines the proper side to side movement for selecting gears with the modified VW shifter..

When the VW shifter moves fore and aft, so does the shaft, via the long mild steel shaft along the passenger side of the engine, split by the second u-joint. And kept from moving side to side by a Heim joint attached to the metal bracket bolted to the cargo floor. Or what there is left of it. The u-joints were sourced from the steering shaft of a wrecked Fiat.

Not shown is the lower part of the VW shifter. I replaced the original lower pivot with a simple clevis. The shift rod heading rearward is beefed up a bit and cross drilled for a through bolt and nylock nut to allow movement at the clevis. When the shifter moves side to side, the bracket at the rear u-joint allows the end of the rod inside to box to move side to side, fore and aft, to select a gear. The shifter pattern is standard Ford truck.

It simpler that it sounds and I’ve had no problems with it.

The clutch linkage is a housed cable sourced from a truck supply shop. The front of the cable bolts to the beefed up lower portion of VW clutch pedal assembly. I had to build to pivot at the rear so it could operate the Ford throw out arm. It also allows adjustment of the pedal effort and range. The clutch itself is a 10“ for a ’62 Ford with the T-98. I works well and the effort is actually pretty easy.

About an hour ago I backed the truck out to take the photos and all the lights are working fine. But I’m still going to replace the wiring.

( I hope I put the pictured in the right order)

Looks pretty crazy, I'm sure it took some time to get everything adjusted just right

I've done a few things years ago just because someone told me it couldn't be done, I need to get back into that frame of mind and start finishing some of my projects, I'm getting lazy the older I get

"Can't" is a word that means your to lazy to even try.

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