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Default Re: V8Transporter's V8 Single Cab

Back when the Mallory dual point was running things I ran a set of Bosch platinum plugs with a .032” gap. The engine ran great. Once parts available for the Mallory quit working, on the advice of folks at various car shows, I installed a MSD system. When I swapped in the MSD I also followed their advice and used Autolite plugs. A gap of .035 worked the best, but the plug reading showed things were a bit ‘rich. Slightly hotter plugs had little effect. A month or so back I cleaned up a set of the Bosch plugs and tried the same gap, .035.” Plugs again looked a little rich. Then I tried a .045” gap and things improved. Smoother running, good reading.
As you all know, a little tinkering can be a good thing.
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