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Default Re: Channeling how-to

Originally Posted by purplemyth View Post
ANYTIME you want to just get rid of it, put it on a ship and send it t me
Nawwwww ... I'll just sell it to a rich Greek and put myself on a ship ... that way I'll get to retire in the land of the ultimate petrolhead. building rods for fun ... and that way you'd get lots of them to play with ... not just one ;)

hell gal .. I might even be persuaded to make a purple one !!!!

erm ... purple ??? ...

well ... maybe ...

BTW .. It may be shiny ..
it may be in yer face ...

but it ain't finished yet ...

once it does a coupla hundred klicks under its own steam, signed off and street legal in Europe, with me in the saddle and Carol riding shotgun ... then I'll sign it off as finished ... until then ...

like he said ...

it may be nice now, but it ain't done 'til it's done hon ...
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