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I will be there working the show again this year.
We are working to get everyone in more quickly this year. We will have porta johns up by the vending area. You are welcome Scott.
We will be coming around the vending area to collect forms.
There will be more staff on hand for food and beverages.
Don't forget the great deli across the street - just saying.
Be discreet with you own "water" and all is good.
I am still working on getting my motor running right so I am not sure if I will have Sure-Lee there or not. Either way I will be there.
The Pa Route 72 bridge over the Turnpike will be under construction and lanes will be narrow and shifted. Gates open at 7 am for vendors and HAVOC can't let anyone in early. If you come early you will need to find a staging area. I would suggest somewhere south of the turnpike so that you don't have to wait in the construction pattern.

Hope to see you all there.

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