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Default Re: What did you do yesterday...

Continued trying to track down the problem with the Single Cab's 351 Windsor engine. I thought I'd had it right a couple of months back. But nope. It all began with the ethanol eating the liner of the 24 gallon fuel tank I'd built and installed in the mid-eighties. I ended up replacing the tank with a standard aftermarket 10 gallon, the lines, the badly gummed up carb, and more recently the stock pump. The Accel coil which works off an 80's Mallory dual point, went south. I installed new points and static times her at 10 degrees BTDC. A new Accel coil went in too. Which doesn't seem to have much of a spark; red/orange verses a nice blue/white. Two weeks ago I bought a MSB coil, which didn't work so hot. I called the tech line to find out I should be running a .8 ohm ballast resistor instead of the 1.5 I'd been using. I ordered the correct resistor, but won't see it until this Saturday due to a computer glitch at the parts store. I'd also replaced the Bosch Platinum plugs, which I really liked, with Autolites, which were available.
Yesterday, I found the coil wire of the new Accel plug wiring kit showed nothing on my ohm meter. I tinkered with it until I got a solid reading and them checked out the eight distributor to plug wires, which checked out. I also ran a compression check and got 135 to 140 pounds of compression at each cylinder. a new timing chain has about 8k on it.
Hoping the coil wire was the problem, I put the Accel coil back. Nope, she still barely runs, and stumbles.
Tomorrow the MSD's ballast resistor should arrive.
I've been running this setup since 1981. Maybe I should move into the 21st century and install new ignition system.
Any thoughts are welcome. Except, "that will teach you to replace a fine VW engine something else." (a neighbors quote.)
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