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Default Re: What did you do yesterday...

The title says "what did you do?" It doesn't say *with what*

So I worked my normal day at work, and as I was washing my hands to go clock out and leave, the Manager lady comes up and says "YOu ready?"... I had no idea what she was talking about... She said for a "quick progress report"... at 4:30 pm (I am scheduled til 5, so no big deal, but I always work 8, by taking a half hour lunch and leaving a half hour early... but this week... there was no chance of overtime, as I took Monday off as a vacation day...

Anyway... She hasn't been at the shop more than a couple days over the entire last month and a half... usually she's in town for a week, and pops in and causes trouble for 2-3 days when she is in town... the rest of the time she works from home or is in a different city at one of "her other stores". So she literally has no clue what's going on at the shop other than what the guys tell her, and of course what she formulates from numbers as she's an absolute corporate shill...

So she starts off with her first mistake... she told me that there's no chance of anyone losing their job right now, just because we're slow... Major mistake... it just told me she needs us all really bad... So I took over at that point and ran the meeting and let her aska few questions... She laid down about 3 facts, all of which were based no numbers and have no real reflection of what we do and are up against at the shop on a daily basis... and I went over how our inventory issues are not being handled, and when we need something we have no one in the building to make things happen, and how no one is empowered to take care of customers, and how the pay system (computerized online pay service) steals from employees and we won't be working for free... and how she has a "Leader" person in our shop that refuses to lead at all... and much much more... I know... sounds like bitching doesn't it> It is. and deservedly so.

Suffice it to say, I will basically be looking for another job as I expect what I said will surely cost my job in the long run... but hey... no one else will tell the managers what's happening. I always have to be the one to chime in and lay down the facts of troubled systems making it difficult to work for a place.

Al in all, I think where I told her that "employees don't leave a Job... they leave a manager"... That part may have just done it. I refuse to give a shit about their production problems if they can't provide training, inventory, and tools to do the job (other than the $30k or more in hand and power tools I provide). Hell, we can't even get computer access to the information that we need to know where our production numbers are without doing a side step around the system provided... (hacking into their records)...

So... Thats what I did yesterday... I jeopardized my employment.
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