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Default Re: What did you do yesterday...

I've been neglecting the volks all summer. Drove it in the spring and that was it. Part of that was because l got tired of crappy brakes lol so finally had some time and ambition to get these brakes better. Chev discs up front and stock swing axle on rear. Always stopped but had a spongy pedal. Not confidence inspiring to say the least. Anyways we spent all day sat going through the brakes. After disassembling and inspectiong almost everthing other than the rear brake adjustment. I learn that you have to adjust each shoe separately presto high and firm pedal at least we know the master cylinder is clean inside and out, the calipers are the same,all the hoses are clean and not swollen, the brake pushrod clearance is dead on, how to install a residual pressure valve.and the front caliper mounting plates are dead on and anything else you can think of related to the brakes other than actualling setting the rear brakes correctly!
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