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Default Re: Motorcycle Thread

Originally Posted by Turbo Punk View Post
I think I'll just move to Connecticut so I can ride without a helmet and shirt with just shorts and sneakers without socks. Because we all know that those things are just too restrictive and take away from the pleasure of riding a Motorcycle.

Fucking idiots.
OR down to Palm Springs where "it's too hot to wear protection..."

Saw a guy cruise by me today wearing Dockers shorts, velcro sandals (yeah, NO socks), and a polo shirt. Probably just left his law firm for the weekend and decided to haul ass downtown.

I thought I was bullet-proof as a kid riding motorcycles around the dirt wearing just shorts. That changed my mind when my dad brushed up against a cactus. I put on protective pants and full leg pads after I saw my dad grab the needle nose pliers...
Originally Posted by Mike View Post
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