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Originally Posted by fungus View Post
Oh yeah, forgot to mention... The clipons kind of worry me too. If the welds look in real life like they do in the pic, then I think they're completely structurally sound; but the idea of losing one while in traffic or a hard turn on the blue ridge parkway...
Fungus. I have bought two sets of those clip ons from eBay. One set has lasted two years of everyday riding and still work and look perfect!
The new set only has less than 5 miles on them, but I have no doubts of the structural integrity. Have you ever heard of clip-ons breaking or seeing/hearing of a set that needs gussets? I haven't either. Just buy the stinkin' things and run 'em!

@ Bill: dude, post a pic with the dreads! EDIT: nevermind. already did.

I wanted dreads sooo bad when I was a youngin' after watching

Cool Runnings.
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