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Default Re: Motorcycle Thread

Originally Posted by Turbo Punk View Post
I think I'll just move to Connecticut so I can ride without a helmet and shirt with just shorts and sneakers without socks. Because we all know that those things are just too restrictive and take away from the pleasure of riding a Motorcycle.

Fucking idiots.
That reminds of last weekend. Some guy on a stripped down hunk of shit that thought it was a bobber riding out of town wearing -sit down- a pair of cut off jean shorts, a pair of flip flops ( honest to God, thingy 'tween the toes, flip flops) and one of those old German Kaiser helmets, You know the ones, the non-DOT approved with the spike. I felt bad for him, we were about 5 cars in front of him going from my side of the state, up and over the cascades to Portland when we hit the biggest torrential down pour I have seen in a long time.

guy shouldn't have been riding like an asshole the whole way over and karma might have smiled on him
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Originally Posted by Mikelrome View Post
I found it in a shop in Raton New Mexico. I bought it for a quarter. Cracked me up it was called a Gay Camper. It must be old as hell. They would pull that shit off the shelf now days. Because some Homo would get offended.
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