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Default Re: Motorcycle Thread

Originally Posted by Unkl Ian View Post
You guys might have seen the bike built by Falcon:

Very refined with a restrained elegance.

Now imagine that is your life's work,
and that exact image gets used on this guys shirts:

He should use his own work to be sure but, I sort of feel like it is more the photgrapher who is being wronged if anyone. It's a great bike but the work that makes it so doesn't really come across in the shirt. the bike is about all the finish and detail and some subtle proprotion, the shirt is alot more about the spoked weel and point of perspective in my opinion. A similar shot of a hundred other bikes of that era from that angle and modified as that pic was would look basically the same. It's more the image (which likely has a release to go with it) that is being stolen more so than level craftmanship in the bike.

It is pretty sad though that he needs to borrow another guy's bike to make a cool shirt. He should know better because he is probably doing it because he does not have access to his old work.
This shit used to go much quicker when the A-team did it!!!
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