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Default Re: Motorcycle Thread

Originally Posted by max16v View Post
Congrats on getting it running, also congrats with hippie in the video not stealing your bike.

Make sure you turn down the idle as it seems way too high. Aim for 900-1000rpm. Sounds like a winner though!

Is that clear tubing for fuel? Please tell me it's not. If it is, the fuel will harden the tubing and cause it to crack with vibration... believe me, I know. Kragen sells metric fuel line in little clear boxes by the hose clamps. Use it if you can find it.

Now get that damn murder-on-wheels going already!!!!
Hippy??? Where???
I'll be tuning the carbs and such once I finish extending all the wiring (soldering it, I really don't feel safe with a bunch of crimp connectors) and pick up a battery. Unfortunately I'm having trouble figuring out the battery bypass capacitors... I'll play with it more some time down the road.

Yep! That most certainly is clear tubing for fuel! It's the only thing I could find that would clear between the carburetors; conventional lines have walls that are too thick. It's meant for fuel line on lawnmowers, so it's rated for gas. I'd love to get some metric line though! Even doesn't carry metric lines. The SAE lines just don't fit right. I don't like the idea of cinching the clamps that tight. We don't have Kragen down here, but I'm on the hunt for some. This will work for now.

Side note: asked a local import motorcycle shop if they carried metric fuel lines. They said no, that they used SAE vacuum line.

Originally Posted by V8Transporter View Post
Nice! Makes me want to run out to my Seca, pull the carbs for the unteenth time and find out what the **** is up with #1's low speed jet. Did you say you put in carb kits? Where did you get them and what did they come with?
No, unfortunately Honda changed something in their carburetors in '77; the carb kit for a '73-'76 is somewhere around $17. For the '77? $80. Plus shipping. I went through and cleaned everything extremely well, and reused the parts. The bike only had 4k miles on it, so even though everything was frozen up, it's not worn much.

I plan to buy a set of '73-'76 carbs some time and build them correctly over time, then throw 'em on later.

Right now I have an issue with carb #3 overflowing randomly... acts almost like something is sticking...

Side note #2: Cutting out lower brake caliper brackets on the CNC machine at school right now. It's going to be a 3 bracket system for each caliper.
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