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Default Re: Motorcycle Thread

Yeah, if I could get a decent set for a decent price, I'd be all over it. Nothin' doin' though. They're pretty proud of their '77 kits.

Battery dilemma... as I mentioned before, I removed all of the starting system, and now I'm trying to figure out which battery to use. Considering that I no longer have to turn a starter motor over, I would think that I didn't need much of a battery at all... However, some guy on another forum said that he wouldn't use anything less than 9Ah on a starterless CB550???

Stock battery was 12V 12Ah. According to the other guy,
I don't remember amp draw of coils, probably 2~3mps each?
with lights and generator 5a/hr isn't leaving any reserve.
It's electromagnetic not permanent magnet
Charging doesn't really start until over 2,000rpm.
You don't try and use electric starter?
It's going to draw about 40amps when turning, probably closer to 60amps initially.
For kickstart only you probably want at least 9a/hr
I'm trying to fit a maintenance free battery in the void left by the starter, and I've found three that will "fit". The one that fits the best is 2.5 Ah. Then there's a 3Ah and a 4Ah. Anything bigger and it won't fit in this spot. Ideas?
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