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The extinguisher that you have strapped to the roll bar or transmission tunnel is functionally useless. End of story.

This is certainly a case where bigger IS better.

Referring to the fire classifications above can help you choose the appropriate extinguisher, but in general for most people an ABC is adequate. When in doubt call your local Fire Department they will be more than happy to assist you in answering any questions.

Ideally there should be an extinguisher at every door of the garage. Why?

In the case of a fire the FIRST consideration should ALWAYS be escape. ALWAYS! Once you are safely at or through the exit, you can then take the time to better evaluate from a distance whether you can safely attempt extinguishment AFTER calling the fire department.

Yes I said after.

Calling the Fire Department is number two after evacuation. Fire grows and spreads far quicker than you can imagine. And unless you are skilled, often, attempts at extinguishment can actually spread the fire.

Get the boys on the way, then if you can safely attempt extinguishment do so, NEVER ALLOWING THE FIRE TO GET BETWEEN YOU AND THE EXIT.

Even if you successfully extinguish the fire, it is best to let the professionals, confirm extinguishment and ensure that there hasnít been any fire spread.

Do NOT be embarrassed to call 911. Thatís what the guys do! Calling them as soon as possible keeps you, your family, your house, and THEM safer!

Other Fire Control

There are often some other options available when a fire does start. Referring above to the science of fire, removing one or more of Heat, Oxygen, or Fuel will extinguish a fire.

AFTER CALLING 911 if safe to do so, and AFTER all people and pets are safely outside...

Can of rags on fire? Close lid, protect hands, and safely remove from garage.

Puddle of fuel on fire? Smother in kitty litter, or soil.

Car on fire? Close hood, (and if possible, calmly, thoughtfully roll the vehicle out of, and away from the garage. If you can really keep your wits about you, donít slam the hood shut, it will assist the fire department when they arrive.


On the Road

First pull safely over to the side of the road.

Yes call 911

Remain calm. Unlike on TV your car isnít going to explode. (For interest sake any Ďexplosionsí heard at car fires are usually the tires).

Now if you have an extinguisher you ARE going to try and use it. Honestly itís not really worth the chance of burning your hands and face as you attempt to open the hood, and it is VERY unlikely to be a successful venture. Bugs may be at an advantage here however.

So my advice, remove family and belongings, make sure you take your clothing if it is cold and or raining, and keep yourselves as far from the roadway as possible. Your greatest risk is no longer the fire but an ensuing collision.

And keep upwind of the vehicle. The prevalence of plastics, and upholstery releases EXTREMELY dangerous smoke.

Keep uphill of the vehicle, often the gas tank will melt, and flaming fuel will run downhill.

Just a few things that were glaringly missing.


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