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Default Re: Motorcycle Thread

I had some fun with Jap and American bikes lately...

This one started as a '80 Yamaha SR-250

and became known as "ROAD RAGE" half way through the project-

(sold before finishing)

This '05 Lifan 250cc V-Twin was a fun little 3 day transformation, from this-

to this -

Then the '78 Anniversary idition XLH-1000 taken to 1250cc and done my way once again. From this-

to this over the winter-

And the Mini Fireman Bike, 12hp Tecumse electric start and fire truck siren!

was placed on display with the real bike at Biketoberfest at the request of the Teutel's -

If you build it they will come...
if you don't, you'll be alone.
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