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Default Re: Motorcycle Thread

Just got back home after spending a couple days in Florida and Ala-fuckin-bama to visit some family.

Stopped at the Barber's Motorsports Museum and took some pics. There is a lot of 'em.


1960 Norton Manx

Velocette Venom


For the few who have recently aquired Honda CB 750s (or 400s)

Nothing cooler than Royal Enfields, and the museum had several on display: 1963 Continental GT, a 1967 750 (Indian badged)
and THIS:

HD, Indian, and Yale boardtrackers. There was even a Flying Merkel!

One of the 5 Vincents on display (including a Black Knight- complete with fairing): 1955 Black Shadow

There was a whole floor of 1900s up to 1960s bikes. One of the many examples:

I got a ton more and I'll post 'em if you want. Enjoy.
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