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Default Re: Motorcycle Thread

I would guess the shirt was from the boutique his wife runs and was likely designed prior to him trying his hand at designing bikes again. Pauly Designs was not doing motorcycles when it first started up. It was over year before they gave up the other shit and decided to go back to what he was best known for and do bikes again. The two bikes he built this season are the 1st bikes he has built since leaving OCC.

It is definitely a snafu regardless though and it looks pretty sad.

I watched an episode last night of the new season and it is a train wreck these days. Pauly Sr has gone right of the deep end and is acting like an incredible ass. He has prostrate cancer so you would think he would want to patch his family shit up instead of suing Jr and doing all kinds of nasty behinds the scenes shit trying to bankrupt Jr's company. Pauly Jr definitely lost some of his arrogance with all of this shit happening although you still see glimmers of it in him. Mikey is no where near as funny since doing rehab and AA. He is kinda sad to watch now.

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